“Thanks to Honduras on the Fly for booking my wife and I on our recent trip. The fly fishing was amazing and the staff was very accommodating . We can’t wait to go back and relax in the hammock!”

   Brooke Walles - Jackson, WY

“Jason- Thanks for tying me your special Velcro Crab pattern. This 15 lb. permit is proof it did the trick!”

    Todd Rafalovich - San Mateo, CA


“I’m proud to say I caught my first bonefish on a fly rod at Mango Creek. Thanks Perry!"

   Mackenzie Krouskup - Jackson, WY

“What a fantastic trip! Perry, Pam and the staff at Mango Creek Lodge were excellent. It was one of the most enjoyable fishing trips I have experienced. I fished for five days with Perry and I was the only fisherman… Your flies worked well.”

   Ed Kim - Federal Way, WA

“Margie doesn't fish, so she rarely accompanies me on fishing trips because there's nothing for her to do. Our trip to Christmas Island wasn't any fun for her. So the best thing about our trip to Mango Creek was that she had plenty to do and had fun. That, and Bill and I caught plentyof fish--from Bonefish to Tarpon and everything in between. I even had a shot at a Grand Slam one day but a bone fish ate the fly before the Permit saw it.”

   Ernie Gradillas – Tucson, AZ